SV Hip and Elbow Evaluations

These important evaluations should be done so you know how to best care for your beloved German Shepherd throughout its lifetime.

We guide you through the complete process, step-by-step, to get hip ("a" stamp) and elbow ("ED" stamp) evaluations. Generally, once we receive your completed paperwork and X-rays, you’ll receive results in 8-10 weeks.

For instructions to submit X-rays to the SV’s:

You can also get spinal evaluations done by the SV, the LTV (Lumbar-Sacral Transitional Vertebrae/LTV), and OC(D) (Osteochondrosis Dissecans) assessments. 

We strongly advise having your dogs' hips and elbows evaluated before breeding. Dogs with poor results should not be bred in order to eliminate the possibility of hip and elbow dysplasia in future generations. National and international kennel clubs will not allow puppies to be registered for breeding if either parent receives poor hip and/or elbow evaluation results.

Microchip and Tattoo Verification on Pedigrees

If you don’t have a microchip or tattoo printed on your 4-generation pedigree, you need it verified.

Submitting X-rays

Submission Requirements

  • X-rays films or Digital Submission to SV by Vet.
  • All copies of the completed SV hip, elbow, and/or OC(D) evaluation forms. BOTH the owner and Vet must sign all forms.
  • Original 4 generation pedigree with microchip or tattoo printed on it.
  • Copy of registration. If born in the United States, AKC registration; if foreign born, FCI recognized kennel club registration.
  • Evaluation fees

Whether you submit digital or X-rays films, the required documents must be mailed to the GSDWDA Office for submission to the SV. 

C/O Gretchen Weinzimer
22456 Dolorosa St.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Please contact the Office with questions at or 747-900-6805.

Digital Submission of X-Rays

To submit digital X-rays to the SV, the veterinarian who took the X-rays must be registered with For more information and links, toggle to view For Veterinary Clinic above.

Non-Digital Submission of X-Rays

The SV will not accept digital X-rays in any format other than films. For conversion of X-rays to film, contact X-Ray Copy Service. If you request it, they will send the films directly to the office, and you can submit your paperwork to the office separately.

X-Ray Copy Service Instructions:

Provide per order

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Brief instructions

You can either send the CD or email the files. For the best results, send DICOM files. Fees are $13 per film printed plus shipping. Shipping is via FedEx, and in most cases FedEx Ground unless specified quicker. Turnaround time is usually the same day. Order fees must be paid before shipping. They will send an invoice via email and the invoice can be paid from the link provided.


George R Miladinovich
2536 Hi Ridge Drive
North Huntingdon, PA.  15642
X-Ray Copy Service, Pittsburgh, PA
412-392-1952 – Main
412-225-4332 – Cell


X-rays must be of good technical quality (detail, clear contrast) and must allow a detailed analysis of the bone structure. Please have your vet review the X-rays and pick the best views to submit. The vet must confirm the dog's microchip or tattoo at the time the X-rays are taken.


    • The dog must be sedated at the time of X-ray.
    • X-ray must be clear in the ventrodorsal position with the rear legs extended and parallel to each other, with the knee joints visible. The total pelvis must be visible and should not be tilted.
    • Indicate left or right on the image.
    • Imbedded in the image must be all the required information (see #5 and #6). This can be done digitally as long as it is imbedded in the image.


  • There must be AT LEAST one side (medial) view of each elbow joint.
  • The angle between the humerus and ulna/radius must not exceed 45 degrees.
  • Both elbows must be submitted.
  • Each elbow X-Ray must be in a separate image file.
  • Imbedded in the image must be all the required information (see #5 & #6). This can be done digitally as long as it is imbedded in the image.

3. LTV Evaluation (Lumbar-Sacral Transitional Vertebrae/LTV)

The same pelvis X-ray for a hip evaluation may be used for this X-ray. The total pelvis including the L7 must be displayed in the image, and the dog must be sedated at time of X-ray.

4. OC(D) Evaluation (Osteochondrotis Dissecans)

An additional X-ray must be made with the imbedded required information (see #5 & #6).

 The image must demonstrate the region from L 4/5 to the first coccygeal vertebrae on a latero-lateral view. The lumbar sacral conjunction must be in the central beam, no axial rotation of vertebral column and pelvis, and the technical quality (detail, clear contrast) must allow a detailed analysis of the bone structure. Click the button below for an explanation.

5. The X-ray images MUST be imbedded with all the required information (see #6).

Affixed labels and handwritten information will not be accepted by the SV. 

6. All X-ray images are required to contain the following information:

  2. Registration number. If born in the United States, AKC registration number; if foreign born, FCI recognized kennel club registration number.
  3. Tattoo or Microchip number. If this is not imbedded in the X-ray, the SV may request a new X-ray be taken. Please be sure your vet includes this!
  4. Dog’s date of birth.
  5. Date X-ray was taken.
  6. Name of owner.
  7. Veterinarian’s name, business address, and phone number.

If any of the required information is not included in the X-ray image, please contact the office.

Digital Submission of X-Rays

To submit digital X-rays to the SV, a veterinarian who took the X-rays must be registered with 

Signing up is a one-time process. Once verified by VetsXL (which can take several days), X-rays can be submitted electronically. The images must be uploaded under the GRSK category.

Only registered veterinarians can upload X-rays.

For questions or additional instructions, contact the Office, 747-900-6805.

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