Safeguarding the Health and Wellness of the German Shepherd Dog

GSDWDA provides essential support through hip and elbow X-ray assistance, a cornerstone in promoting the optimal health of cherished German Shepherds.

With a commitment to their well-being, these screenings empower our beloved breed to thrive in their roles as trusted guardians, dedicated companions, and invaluable service partners.

Conducted in Germany by the SV, the parent club of the German Shepherd breed, as part of their a-Stamp program, these screenings represent a commitment to the optimal health of our beloved German Shepherds, ensuring they can excel in roles as trusted guardians, loyal companions, and invaluable service partners.

GSDWDA provides a seamless and convenient way to send your German Shepherd’s hip and elbow X-rays directly to the SV in Germany. Our efficient process prioritizes your dog’s health without compromising quality or convenience.

German Shepherd Dog

Join us in championing the longevity and vitality of this remarkable breed, preserving their legacy for years to come.